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Most venues in Merseyside require live bands, singers & musicians to hold Public Liability Insurance.

Rest assured that all current members of AMPband are covered with £10m PLI.
Are you arranging a function in Liverpool, Southport and The Wirral, in Merseyside? There are both duos and live bands suitable for a range of functions including family get togethers and weddings. The majority of musicians and wedding bands can provide a broad selection of tunes in Liverpool and Merseyside, while other musicians are specialists in a single genre like indie or easy listening classics.
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With a fabulous selection of live covers bands and musicians to hire, it is very important to the ultimate success of the occasion to book the most fitting and appropriate pop singer or live music band. Whenever you’ve picked the style of musical genres and musician or cover band you need, insist that they supply client testimonials to consider. This can inform you if they're accustomed to performing for your kind of function in Liverpool, Southport and The Wirral, Merseyside.

Are you holding a function in Liverpool, Southport and The Wirral, in Merseyside? You will find both musicians and live covers bands suitable for a wide range of occasions for example celebrations and other events. A number of musicians can offer a wide choice of musical genres in Merseyside, where other performers are specialists in a single style for example blues or rock.

When deciding on your room for your function in Liverpool, Southport and The Wirral, Merseyside try to bear in mind the kind of musician or tribute band you'd want to hear. If you are thinking about arranging a sizable live music band, make sure the function suite has sufficient room to leave an area for a dance floor after the live band or wedding band has put their equipment in. On the other side of the coin, a solo musician or singer is capable of fitting into a much more compact area.

Bands in Merseyside and places such as Southport, Liverpool or The Wirral won't perform all night without a break. When arranging your event, seek advice from the group you hire about how they conduct their sets. Most will play for 3/4 of an hour then have a 20 minute breather before playing again. Ponder what could occupy this time. Possibly a raffle.

Locating the appropriate local live band for the event is really easy. Choose your area then convey to us what you are searching for. The information is forwarded onto our local bands and singers in Southport, Liverpool and The Wirral. If they're free on your date and propose the kind of musical genres you're searching for, they'll speak to you promptly. You will be given details about our local live bands with their price and cost. You can pick the right musician or band to hire with ease.

Even if it is a small hall or even a conference suite in a major manor house in The Wirral, Southport or Liverpool, you can discover the most suitable band or musician to hire for your special occasion in Merseyside. When locating your hotel, think about the room needed for the band and how straightforward it is to transport their set-up into the club room. Stairs can cause enormous troubles for several bands. Also look at if there is an uncomplicated access for large vans and plenty of parking near to the lobby of the club room.

Our method for discovering your perfect tribute band in Merseyside is the only one of its kind. There aren't long lists of musicians, singers, wedding bands and cover bands to peruse, only to find they're just not available for the selected time. Please send your details on the enquiry form. The form is dispatched to the live music bands in Liverpool, Southport and The Wirral and Merseyside. Within a few minutes, musicians that fit your standards will call you with their information and cost. You can then decide at your leisure. We urge that you request to watch bands playing ahead of making your choice.

As soon as you have selected the live pop covers band or local singer you would like to hire in Merseyside, insist you sign a written agreement. A verbal agreement can without doubt get misunderstood. It is common for a pop band in The Wirral, Liverpool or Southport to need a deposit to make sure that they are without doubt hired for your function. This will be deducted from the original price quote.

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