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Most venues in Shropshire require live music bands, local singers & musicians to hold Public Liability Insurance.

Rest assured that all current members of AMPband are covered with £10m PLI.
Are you planning a party or special occasion in Shrewsbury or Telford? There are both musicians, wedding bands and live pop bands for hire and suitable for a wide range of activities like parties and other functions. Certain local musicians will perform a wide variety of pop song choices, where some are experts in mainly one style like country or easy listening classics.
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As soon as you have chosen the live music band or pop singer you are looking to hire in Telford or Shrewsbury, make certain it is all written down. A spoken agreement can easily get misconstrued. It is usual for a band to request a nominal sum paid to make sure that they are beyond doubt employed for your event.

What kind of local band would you be looking to hire in Shrewsbury or Telford? Do you need an entertaining local party band that plays well known covers and fills the dance floor? Or is your special occasion needing a sophisticated local band to offer atmosphere towards the special occasion? Or even you're on the lookout for a unique live act to entertain your invited guests. At AMPband you'll find a number of bands that could deal with virtually any function.

Picking the perfect live band and local singers for the occasion in Teflord and Shrewsbury in Shropshire is essential. The musical genres they specialise in should appeal to most of your family and friends. Reflect on the ages of those invited guests attending plus the variety of music that most of them prefer. Always go along to see the local group perform live before you hire them so that you select the best suited one.

If you need to get hold of all our local tribute bands and wedding bands for hire in Shrewsbury and Telford, Shropshire, just select the link and add your details to the form. Indicate what type of tunes you would like plus the sort of live music band or singer you are looking for. The musicians and singers that are registered on your date can make immediate contact with you. The live music bands and wedding bands will tell you their own individual charge for playing for a function in Shropshire. You will have a varied selection to choose from.

Whether it will be a discreet club or a function room in a five star manor house in Shrewsbury and Telford, you'll locate and hire the ideal live music band or local musician for your family gathering in Shropshire. When sorting out your hall, contemplate the area required for the musical entertainment and how easy it is to transport their instruments into the function room. Stairs can cause great big difficulties for a few live music bands and wedding bands. Also see if there is a straightforward way in for small lorries and plenty of parking near to the access of the hall.

What kind of act would you like to book in Shrewsbury and Telford, in Shropshire? If you're looking for easy listening music, then a solo singer or duo would be ideal. If you are searching for an act that will create a party atmosphere and get your guests on the dance floor, then consider a live pop covers music band or musician that includes all the classics.

Are you arranging a special occasion in Shrewsbury and Telford, in Shropshire? You will find both singers, wedding bands and live bands suitable for a variety of events like family get togethers and weddings.

Various live bands, wedding bands and local musicians can offer an extensive range of songs in Shropshire, while some entertainers are experts in one type of music genre such as soul or instrumental classics.

As soon as you have selected the live covers band you have decided to hire in Telford or Shrewsbury, make sure you sign a written agreement, booking form or contract. A phone conversation can certainly get confused. It is common for a pop band or local singer or musician to need a part payment of the fee to make sure that they are definitely hired for your function.

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